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1-Tucked Box

Intro Guide Booklet

88- Inspirational Cards

what's included:

These beautiful cards were created to support embodiment, self-care and healing. Great for anyone on a healing path, and awesome for healers, counselors, and coaches to share with clients.

For Self-Care
& Intuitive Reflection

Blueprint Essence Cards

The perfect addition to your daily Yoga, Meditation, Self-Care Practices 

If you love Oracle Decks...
You're gonna love these cards! 

You're a practitioner, healer, therapist, coach, Intuitive.  

You're on a path of healing & embodiment

Want to deepen in your self-care & self-love  

You love oracle decks

This Deck is
For you if..

Take a moment...Breathe.. pick a card or pick two.

I am so delighted to share these cards with you. I created them  from a place of flow and inspiration. It was a beautiful process and journey allowing each card to speak to me and organically  emerge.

As an artist my style is free following and intuitive. I love to work in the medium of watercolors for the light and energetic transmission they create. The colors used deeply resonate with the essence of SOURCE & LOVE. I hope that you enjoy them as much as i do. 

Hey I'm Christina Earthwater

These are interpretation free cards. You have the freedom to feel into what each card represents to you.

Elizabeth s yoga Teacher - marin Ca

I have been using these magical cards every day at my massage studio and draw a card before each session. There’s a simplicity to the subtle watercolor image and written word that’s soothing. They are a fun shape and size too! I’m benefiting from taking a moment to slow down, drawing a card, and reading and contemplating the message. Thank you Christina for this healing creation

Cass P- Hawaii

Christina I Just picked up the decks from USPS and found myself sitting in the parking lot opening them - reading and absorbing then - card by card - VERY potent and very beautiful - the transmissions are solid and potent - I feel an internal warmth filling me out in a soft field of perfect love... I’m messaging you in the parking lot! Way to go!!!! You did it Momma!!! I’m so proud of you!!!  I’ll be working with them - and recommending them and giving them as gifts for years to come.

Blossom & Be Wellness Retreat  - NC

"We showcase Blueprint Essence Cards in the lobby of our retreat and they are the rave. Our clients will often pick one before their sessions and it brightens their day. Beautiful, elegant and uplifting."

Jason- Marin CA

"These cards are very helpful and beautiful. Infused with the gentle wisdom Christina clearly lives and embodies. They are complementary to any Tarot deck and can help provide further insight."


"I love these cards so much! They are scattered all over my altar right now 🥰 They are gentle yet powerful reminders when I am needing extra support and guidance & the color of them makes my heart smile"

laurali- Seattle

"I love your cards so much. When I pull with a friend, we each get perfect cards for who we are and where we are at that moment. So energetically attuned."


"Pulling a card from these decks is like feather kisses from the heart ~ your heart, true and kind."


"I love this beautiful deck. They live on my alter and come with me when I hold workshops. The colors and designs are nourishing and the word-transmissions are beautiful invitations based in the hearts communication and feeling-self-love. Excellent high quality gifts for the person who has everything or that person who is not materialistic."


I love these cards and pick one to ponder every day. They are great teaching tools!


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