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But maybe your birth didn’t go to plan

You put so much thought into how you wanted to welcome your baby into the world

What happens in the birth process can affect mama, partner and baby for their entire lives, for their entire relationships (at least, if it goes unprocessed).

 and so can our babies

Overwhelm, Anxiety, Shame  and  Grief with us in our bodies

When our best plans and intentions are not honored, or suddenly need to change, we can carry that

that can affect your ability to bond and baby’s ability to trust and feel safe.

if you or baby needed medical care and were separated for a time after birth, 

For example

 and unconditional love we all want for our little ones, and giving you back your peace.

 together, and repair your bond, giving baby the inner sense of Security 

But, you and baby can also heal,

The birth of your baby was a c-section, planned or unplanned

You’re concerned that your baby has trauma from the birth

You carry shame and sadness that your birth didn’t go according to your plan

You feel hurt, overwhelmed, anxious, or not properly taken care of after your birth

You and baby had a hard birth

A Birth Integration Session can support you if: 

 Ray Castellino’s Pre and Perinatal Therapy work that helps you (and baby!) process and integrate your experience.

Birth Integration Process is a unique method based on 

I know you wanted to welcome your baby with so much love, and I am here to help.

You haven’t felt a bond with your baby as strongly as you hoped

Breastfeeding has been challenging 

You & baby had to be induced

The weeks leading up to the birth were stressful, and/or the birth was stressful

You and your baby experienced separation

You had a traumatic birth as a baby

Any or all of these factors can affect your ability to greet this new stage of your life with joy.

I've dedicated my life to supporting mamas and babies around wombtime & birth. My work as a Birth Doula has given me countless gifts and opportunities to witness birth up close, both when it goes smoothly and when unexpected challenges arise.

When challenges arise it’s Important in the period after that Mama & Baby have quality attuned support to help them integrate the experience of the birth. 

Hi, I'm Christina Earthwater

After our integration work is complete, you may notice that your baby sleeps and nurses more easily, seems to feel safer and happier, adjusts to life outside the womb more readily, and bonds with you more closely.

You will learn energetic tools to support breastfeeding and feeling more grounded in your own body.

Together, we slow way down and unpack the layers of your birth. We may go back to your experience when you were a baby (that may be a layer — often, giving birth triggers trauma memories from our own births), or concentrate on your recent experience. This may take more than one session.

We will have you, your partner, and your baby share their stories (you’ll learn about the language of babies and how they share their stories with you). Babies are amazing beings, conscious, aware and ready to be heard.

What we do together in a session: 

Every birth experience has multiple stories — your story, baby’s story, your partner’s story. That’s right, your baby has their own version of their birth story to communicate!

And when all of your stories are expressed and heard together, you’ll be able to move through adversity as a family unit, come out stronger and more resilient on the other side, and repair your most precious relationships.

I am here to help you unpack your birth experience so you can release the emotions and trauma that can make new motherhood even more overwhelming than usual. 

By doing this work, you give a gift to yourself and your baby, so you can move forward together with more connection and compassion for each other, without the burden of a challenging birth.

And these effects can set your baby up for a lifetime of feeling secure, loved and confident.

I had a Birth Integration Process for Mamas session with Christina via Zoom, a few months postpartum. I have received incredible healing and transformative massages and CranioSacral sessions from her, but the idea of being online didn't sound great. I was skeptical and wondered how I'd feel the healing benefits without physical touch.

I can honestly say I now recommend her Zoom sessions to all new mamas who need extra support. Christina listened to my labor story, and when I say listened I mean she held space in a unique way that very few people can. Her loving presence and grounded nature helped me drop into feeling safe in my body again. Looking back on it, it feels as though I took back my power and rewrote my birth story with Christina beside me as a healing loving mama bear.

danielle - Santa Cruz


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