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Each and every one of us is profoundly impacted by our personal history.

Our earliest experiences, including our conception, prenatal period,  birth and postnatal development: these leave deep physical and emotional imprints on the core of our being.

Each of us has a unique constitution, and some of us may be more sensitive and affected by these early experiences on a much deeper level. If you resonate with this idea, and you often feel overwhelmed, struggle to complete tasks, or are highly sensitive, know that I am speaking to you. 

A baby, when given the safe space to heal from birth trauma, can share its story through the body until it feels complete. Then the baby, with the parent's support, can move forward, stronger and more resilient than before. As an adult, you can experience healing and rediscover your original blueprint. This is what we support in a womb surround process. 

Your longings and intentions are welcome here, and we are here to support you in moving forward on your journey. We help you become more deeply intimate with those parts of yourself that may have been hidden, tucked away, or not fully loved. We make it possible to give you now what you needed then.

As you reflect on your own arrival into this world, please take a moment to consider how you were welcomed into it. Did your parents have the support they needed during that time? What was happening around the time you were conceived? Do you know anything about your birth? Were interventions used, and were you and your mother able to stay together and bond through skin-to-skin contact and breastfeeding?

In a womb surround process, we tap into this original life force, impulse, and blueprint that is innate within us. 

We all come into this world with a blueprint that knows our path forward. 

We hold space for you to integrate these important and powerful events from this period with the support of a team of gentle and present facilitators.

I've dedicated my life to healing and repairing my own origin story. I supported mamas and babies around womb-time and birth for many years. As a Birth Doula, I have received countless gifts and opportunities to witness birth up close, both when it goes smoothly, and when unexpected challenges arise. This journey led me more deeply to study with the greatest teachers in the field of pre and perinatal somatic psychology.

Today I offer adults  the chance to rewire the past through a small group healing called the "Womb Surround Process." Others are deeply supported in this enriching and life-changing process. Sometimes clients first start doing one-on-one work before they do a womb surround. 

Hi, I'm Christina Earthwater

Womb Surround In Marin COUNTY, California

In this Womb Surround format, four participants meet over four weeks, in person and on Zoom.  we meet once per week in person for 5-6 hours, and then the next day we meet over Zoom for an hour. Each person in the group receives a 2.5 hour turn, plus a 45-minute harvest afterwards over Zoom. Each participant is encouraged to attend the harvest of another person's turn, although the intention for this debrief is for the turn person to integrate their experience. There will also be 15 minutes reserved for participant questions.

During the turn, each of the other participants becomes part of the Womb Surround for that person, supporting them while also taking care of themselves. Every step of this process is designed to create a safe and responsive circle of support. We all check in upon arrival and settle in together. The form, guidelines, and principles of the womb surround are introduced.

The 2.5 hour turns are a somatic, right-brain experiential process with group support. The 45-minute harvest is a left-brain, more adult review of the process. Both of these experiences help encourage the cooperation and integration of both sides of the brain.

Before we close our womb surround, there will be additional exercises and protocols for each participant to follow after the workshop, so that further integration and healing can happen for you. It is also normal for participants to need further one-on-one support after a womb surround, as sometimes more layers of experience may surface after the workshop. Please reach out to me if you would like to schedule additional support.

Let's discover which Womb Surround format is right for you. 
I currently offer Womb Surround online and in person, in either a one-day format or four-week immersion. Please click here to access my workshop and event page. If you are interested in this Womb Surround work and have any questions, please contact me or schedule a free call with me.

Personal Womb Surround Day Long Retreat

In a private Womb Surround, you will receive a 2.5 hour turn plus a 45-60 minute harvest from your turn. You're encouraged to invite 1-3 people that you know and trust to be part of the supportive circle. This could be a close friend, family member, or colleague who you feel safe with. We welcome anyone who can hold a good emotional and supportive space for you. In addition to your support group, I will have one or two  assistants to provide additional support.

Typically, we begin at approximately 10 am. We will orient ourselves to each other and the space, check in with everyone in the group, and create a safe and responsive circle. We will introduce the guidelines and principles, and your Womb Surround turn will begin after we take an hour lunch around noon. The turn typically lasts about 2.5 hours. After the turn we will integrate and close the session. We will meet the next day over zoom to offer the harvest for 60 minutes. 

Since this is a private Womb Surround, the supportive circle is there for your turn. We will discuss if you have any safe people you would like to invite to be part of your support group. We want you to have the support you need, and if you don't have somebody specific in mind, my assistants will provide additional support. The session will be very gentle for you, as the assistants are chosen carefully.

Private Womb Surrounds can be scheduled at any time throughout the year, depending on my availability. A Womb Surround group takes a little bit more organization, so it is only offered on specific dates. If you know someone who also wants to do a Womb Surround with you, we can create a custom weekend Womb Surround for both of you. You can be a support person during their turn, and they can support you during your turn. This is available both in person and online.

As our Womb Surround comes to a close, I will share additional exercises and protocols with you to follow after the workshop. These will be helpful for your integration and healing. It is also normal to need further one-on-one support after a Womb Surround, as more feelings may surface. Please reach out to me if you would like to schedule additional support.

The Womb Surround Process 

Is based on the pioneering work of Ray Castellino, DC (retired), RPP, RCST®. Castellino's training draws on his experience in energy therapy, bodywork, trauma resolution, and pre and perinatal psychology. His unique approach is also influenced by his background as a musician and music teacher.

Castellino's work is centered around identifying patterns that can arise from difficulties during the pre and perinatal period. He created a specific training for professionals to learn about these patterns, which can be associated with historical trauma, conception, prenatal and birth experiences, and attachment in the postpartum period.

After working with babies and observing how families' experiences affected them, Castellino began to work with small groups to develop a therapy that could help the whole family. 

Ways of experiencing the process

Each participant receives a Somatic Right brain experiential 2.5 hour turn.

Each person recieves 45-60 minute Left Brain Harvest turn over zoom the following day. 

An opportunity to learn and build your relational and attunement skills.

Group meets in person, once per week for 4 weeks. 

Participant receives a Somatic Right brain experiential 2.5 hour turn.

Each person receives 45-60 minute Left Brain Harvest turn over zoom the following day. 

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It's hard to explain until you’ve experienced it for yourself. 

  I’d like to invite you to schedule a free 30-minute call with me.

This is deep stuff.

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