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I look forward to supporting you on this Journey of LIfe

 a reclaiming of your birthright, an orientation towards the wholeness that is here, and has always been...inside you. 

Healing is a returning home,

Hi, I'm Christina Earthwater

I am a Somatic Practitioner. I weave together wisdoms from Somatic Experiencing, Attachment  Theory, Energy Medicine, Pre & Perinatal Therapy and Inner Child Healing



Ready to take the next steps in your healing? 

If you’ve gone through talk therapy to try to heal early wounds

But to unravel the layers of emotions and patterns, to begin to re-route neural pathways, we have to connect back with our physical selves. This is why the somatic approach works so well. My approach is heart-centered, energetic and body-based, not just cognitive. 

Trauma forces us out of our bodies

you’ve probably found that you gained a lot of insight, but didn’t feel any different (or the improvements didn’t last). That’s because we need more than talk to heal and move forward. We need to go deeper, to access pain and memories where they’ve taken root — in our bodies

Reconnect with your innate essence and authentic impulses so you can follow your inspiration and passions

An increased capacity to be with your feelings, emotions, sensations and to allow others to be with you in them too. 

Reparent your inner child, learning to give to yourself what you didn't get

Befriend your nervous system. Learning what your unique system needs to Regulate. 

Respectfully and compassionately move through layers of defense imprints and differentiate layers that are not yours

 We create a space where you have time and support to:

In our work together,

Healing means integrating your past and changing the narrative, learning to be with yourself, to be with your pain without fear, to give yourself what you need and didn’t get. We are the sum of our experiences, and they can empower us to have greater empathy, more drive, and find more beauty than we could if we never had challenges to face.

In my framework, embodied healing doesn’t mean feeling like your past never happened

Our goal is to heal layer by layer and continue to grow towards a more fulfilling life and a stronger sense of self, a SecureSelf

Reach out for support more, instead of holding it all in on their own

Feel more connected to their direction and purpose in life

Now have tool to interrupt the  overthinking, ruminating
and worrying spirals

Set healthy boundaries around how much they give, and to whom

Bring more compassion & choice to their self-coping behavior patterns

Gain tools and practices for when life feels too hard, too much or not enough

Are more present and grounded and trust life more

My clients have found that they:

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Darcey - Bay Area

“I always leave a session feeling more myself, integrated, and whole, even after addressing and touching quite traumatic and painful past experiences and seeing how they still affect me today. It’s healing without being retraumatizing. I have many emotional flashbacks, but Christina creates a safe holding environment so I’m not so overwhelmed, not so alone, and then can internalize that holding within myself when out of session.”

Dee - California

“Christina has given me so many tools and more importantly the experience of grounding, holding, unconditional love, curiosity, allowing, and acceptance so that I can and have started to learn to internalize these qualities within myself and to my inner child/parts, so that they feel safe to be unburdened. ”

Sera - Hawaii

“I look forward to my bi weekly session with Christina, I feel truly seen, heard and cared for in her presence. . Our work together is helping me connect deeper to my body wisdom and to my inner little one self. I am getting more honest with myself and how much support I am needing and have needed for most of my life, I've been doing it all alone, which has been the case for a long time. It’s changing though and I am able to reach out for support now when things feel hard, and I am able to use the somatic skills she has taught me to resource myself and take much better care of myself. ”

Mary - Oakland

“I am so grateful for Christina. I reached out to her while I was
pregnant. I was under a lot of stress and baby was pass due with still now sign of him coming. Christina first guided me back into my body and then from there we talked through all the layers of pressure I was feeling and she helped me to talk to my baby about it. She also had me share with him, when the exact date for the scheduled C-section was  so that he could participate in the experience & know it was coming, and that he didn't cause the stress that was happening. We then worked to let go of the outcome.
To my surprise, the early morning of the day the C-section was scheduled I went into labor,  he was born vaginally.  Thank you so much Christina! 


“I was asked by a friend to be a support layer in his private womb surround turn. It was an intimate, precious and safe experience. I had no idea what I was getting into! Christina is very skilled in container and space holding and group directing. She is grounded in her body and therefore notices and responds to subtle shifts in group energy and dynamics. Even though I was just a support layer I found it truly healing to be part of this small group and would highly recommend Christina as a practitioner”


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