Somatic Practitioner, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist, Nervous System Guide and Womb Surround facilitator. I’ve dedicated my life to helping adults heal and integrate from very early relational trauma. 

Today I offer one on one Somatic Trauma Healing Sessions, Small Group Womb Surrounds and private Womb Surround retreats. I work remotely or in person in Marin County, California.


Hi, I'm Christina Earthwater

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When I found Somatic Therapy & Prenatal & Birth Therapy work I was finally able to make sense of my early history. To get there, I had to go deeper into my body to access the wisdom and intelligence inside. 

In my life, I always felt a bit different, almost like an outsider that didn’t quite fit into the norms. I knew early on that I didn’t learn in traditional ways. I struggled in school with academics. My left brain processed much slower than my peers. I wasn’t just being self-judgmental. It really was slower.

While I struggled with the intellect, my mind and heart seemed to have a deep passion for my feelings, for my felt sense in my body. Empathy became highly valued and important to me. From a young age, I was always seeking emotional and feeling-based depth in everything I experienced.

My Journey as Somatic Practitioner 

By twenty-four years old in 2007 I was a licensed massage therapist practicing massage and energy medicine. A natural extension of my training, with the importance of depth for me, led me into learning about the nervous system and trauma. I became enthralled in working with mothers and babies. I began attending birth doula training. I soaked it up like a sponge. As I started training as a birth doula, I began the process of my own therapy healing specifically with a focus on my entry into the world.

When I was seventeen years old I started getting into yoga and energy medicine. This fed my soul. I love learning about the body and energy beyond, outside the body. I didn’t always have the words, but my body gave me confirmation.

The last decade transformed my life personally, and professionally led me to practice and facilitate the work I’m meant to do, to give.

In 2011 I began studying with Dr. Ray Castellino, a pioneer in the field of somatic pre and perinatal therapy. I came to have deep respect for Dr. Castellino, who was not a therapist but a chiropractor. In the nature of his chiropractic work, he found at the peak of his career that his clients started showing very early imprints from the time of birth, even recognizing patterns that stem all the way back to the womb. Over 42 years he created a foundation program for bodyworkers, birth workers and therapists to support deep healing and integration of stored trauma in the body.

Dr. Castellino’s work was the life changing work I had been searching for, personally and professionally. I've completed two intensive professional trainings with him over 12 years. Today I lead my own process groups, assist seminars and retreats, receive supervision from masters in this field, mostly from the Castellino trainers directly.

In attempting to make it work, I created my own interdisciplinary major with a focus on somatic psychology and art therapy. I had a wonderful experience, but noticed that I craved a far deeper depth that the therapist track did not make available for me.

I shifted my focus back to body work. I trained for 2.5 years in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy while seeing clients in my doula and bodywork private practice. I moved closer to my dream and my alignment with working directly with the nervous system.

I thought about becoming a traditional therapist, and thus started attending Naropa University. The academics of the school and my own personal learning style were not a match.

 I continue to take myself inward to make sense of my internal world, and practice this with my worldwide clients.

It's hard to explain until you’ve experienced it for yourself. 

  I’d like to invite you to schedule a free 30-minute call with me.

This is deep stuff.

I am an astrology geek and I have a Cancer Moon and Cancer Rising, which gives me some serious Divine Mother energy. But I’m also one part Mother, one part Inner Little One all the time. And that Little One loves to get into all my art supplies when I am not looking and before I know it paint is Everywhere!!


Oceans, sunrises and sunsets, lush tropical environments — they make me feel connected to Life with a capital “L” and recharge my creative battery.


My favorite plants are ferns. They’re ancient, they were here before the dinosaurs, and they remind me to unfurl into my full potential. Also, when I see little baby ferns, my Inner Little One throws out her arms and yells “YAY FERNEES!!!!”


In my free time, you will find me creating beauty, dancing, cuddling and finding any and all excuses for joyful physical connection.


I’m EMF sensitive, so my phone is a landline, my internet attaches to the wall, and I pump my water from the town well (kidding on that last one).



A few fun facts about me...

Curious about my credentials and trainings?
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Castellino Method Foundation Training- Somatic Pre and Perinatal Therapy 3 year long Professional Training
for bodyworks, Doula's and Therapist. Training 2016-2019 (Graduate)

Modules 1: The Preconception and Conception Journey -  introduction to the Polarity Paradigm, shock imprinting and developing the internal reference structure for prenatal and birth therapy are this module's primary subject areas. We will present a paradigm that looks at the energetic dynamics of the conception journey, including pre-conception, conception and implantation.
The skills introduced in this module include therapeutic centering, orienting, tracking autonomic cycling and related fluid tide dynamics, modulating therapeutic pace or tempo, identifying resource behaviors, recognizing the therapeutic leading edge, and differentiating between trauma and shock imprinting.
Module 2 Bonding and Attachment- Covers the bonding process from early prenatal through post-birth time. The issues of connection and separation are primary themes as are issues of receiving nutrition and emotional nurturing. This module covers:
How early imprinting affects future relationship formation, and individual motivation patterns.
Prenatal implantation dynamics, the development of the placenta and the umbilical cord.
Energetic umbilical dynamics, and related movement imprinting.
Birth dynamics, the cutting of the umbilical cord, newborn self-attachment behaviors and the nature of the baby's first contact with her mother and father after birth. The baby's ability to attach to his/her mother emotionally, at the breast and the establishment of healthy nursing patterns.
Specific therapeutic protocols for resourcing, resolving and repatterining bonding and attachment trauma and a means for establishing nursing with babies who are unable to nurse or having difficulty with nursing.
Module 3 Birth Imprinting-Covers the vaginal birth process, birth stages, pelvic types, cranial molding, birth movement patterns and an introduction to infant craniopathy. It introduces tracking fluid tide dynamics and tracking stage specific birth movement patterns. By the end of the workshop, each of you will describe your personal birth passage to a small peer group. Your birth passage session will be videotaped and you will receive a copy for your personal studies.
Module 4 Chemical Imprinting- Covers imprinting from anesthesia, nicotine, fetal alcohol and drug syndromes. We will look at the effects of chemical imprinting on prenates and babies' psyches, their movement patterns, their energy patterns and the development of the central nervous system. Specific protocols for resolving and repatterning of chemical imprinting are covered. A new theory is presented explaining the way chemical imprinting affects the function of the cerebral spinal fluid system. Your understanding of the cranial / sacral fluid tide system and the embryonic development of the brain will be enhanced so that you can use your visualization, energetic sensing, fluid tide palpation, and bodywork skills to support the resolution of traumatic chemical imprinting.
Module 5 Six day Seminar Surgical Imprinting -Covers forceps, vacuum extraction, cesarean section, circumcision and prenatal and infant surgery. You will learn how to identify signature cranial molding patterns, movement patterns and psychological impacts of each birthing style. You will learn the cranial impacts of forceps and vacuum extraction as well as specific treatment protocols for each type of surgical intervention. We will explore the effect of these procedures on physical structure and on the expression of the body's energy and fluid tide systems.
Module 6 & 7  ( Six Day Seminar ) Life Death Loss 
Double bind or paradoxical imprints provide the most complicated dynamics in the PPN field. Double binds amplify practitioner counter-transference issues and complications for facilitating groups and families. This subject matter is saved for the seventh and eighth Foundation Training modules because the dynamics of these trauma impacts provide the practitioner with the greatest counter-transference challenges in the prenatal and birth therapy field. The curricula of the first six modules is designed to build the trainees' understanding, perception, presence and therapeutic skills so that they are more prepared to explore the effects of double binds in effective and compassionate ways.
Having two modules devoted to developing skills for facilitating double binds give plenty of space to explore the depth of these early complicated imprints. Special attention is given to how double bind imprints affects families and group dynamics.
Module 6 Focuses on ancestral influences and twin dynamics and twin loss. Ancestral influences on individuation are explored to differentiate twin and ancestral imprinting. Twin embryonic and placental development are correlated with twin behavior later in life. Lost twin syndrome affects on singleton behavior is covered. You will learn to identify twin psychological imprinting, the counter-transference / transference issues involved and twin dynamic therapeutic protocols. Breech birth presentation is covered in this module because a high percentage of breech presentations have occur during twin births.
Module 7 focuses on adoption, previous abortion and miscarriage, abortion attempts, traumatic impacts of death in the family during pregnancy, stillbirth and infant sibling loss, A.R.T. (Assisted Reproductive Technology) and NICU experience. The skills for facilitating double bind dynamics are further developed and refined in this module.
Module 8 Family and Group Dynamics- Family and Small Group Practice
This module is designed to transition the practitioner from foundation skill building into a model for family and small group practice. It covers:
The structural components for a process session both with adults in a Process Workshop setting and with families in infant/child-centered family settings.
Organization of BEBA: A Center for Family Healing.
Questions about clinical practice.
Demonstration session by Dr. Castellino including a complete debriefing which focuses on recognizing the principles utilized.
Each trainee will give and receive a supervised process session in a small group setting.
Creating and sharing a one and five-year plan for integrating the work into your practice and life.

Attended  4 Womb Surround Process Workshops with facilitator listed below -
A 'Womb Surround' Process Workshop is a small group format developed and refined by Raymond Castellino beginning in 1992. It creates a safe, welcoming environment in which to explore early imprinting from preverbal life that is affecting your present life. Typically there are 4-6 participants in a workshop. The facilitator is often assisted by trainees or graduates from the Castellino Foundation Training. What follows is a writeup about the general format developed by Raymond Castellino for in-person 5-day womb surrounds. The format will necessarily vary when online and with different facilitators.
Ray Castellino - 2011
Tara Blasco - 2017
Ray Castellino 2012
Kirstin Sipily 2020

Assisted Womb Surrounds and Workshops and teachings
Womb Surround with Scott Englar 2018
Private Womb Surround with  Elan Freydenson 2016)
Sequencing Workshop with Tara and Mary Jan 2022
Online Womb Surround with Eileen Sandry 
Co Taught Brith and Early Imprint Oracle Series with Elan Freydenson 2021
6 module online Series 
Narm-Informed Practitioner Training- Attended all Modules- 3 day long Modules
Module 1 The Trauma-Informed Movement: The Current Field of Trauma
The ACEs Study, Complex Trauma and Differentiating Shock & Developmental Trauma
NARM Organizing Principles
NARM 5 Adaptive Survival Styles
Toxic Guilt and Shame
Self-Rejection, Self-Hatred & Self-Defeating Behaviors
Developmental Trauma, Memory & Personal History
NARM 4 Pillars: Building Blocks of the NARM Approach
Differentiating NARM from Other Trauma-Informed Approaches
NARM Live and Video Demonstrations, Reflective and Experiential PracticeModule 2
Module 2. Supporting Personal Agency (“Adult Consciousness”)
NARM Relational Model
Attunement, Misattunement and Unmanaged Empathy
Reflecting on Helping Professionals’ Internal Obstacles and Triggers
A New Way of understanding Burn-out
Complex Trauma & Toxic Shame
NARM Pillar #1: Inviting the Intention for Change
NARM Pillar #2: Exploring Internal Obstacles
Spirituality, Healing and Personal Growth
NARM Live and Video Demonstrations, Reflective and Experiential Practice
Module 3 Pillar #3: Supporting Personal Agency
Pillar #4: Transforming Trauma Patterns
Emotional Completion Process
Working with Primary and Default Emotions
Complex Trauma, Self-Sabotaging & Addictive Behaviors
Complex Trauma & Relationship/Intimacy Dynamics
Complex Trauma & Family Dynamics
Complex Trauma & Working with Children
NARM Live and Video Demonstrations, Reflective and Experiential Practice
Module 4 Application of NARM's 4 Pillars for addressing Complex Trauma
Connection: Our Deepest Desire and Greatest Fear
Attachment and Environmental Failure
Intergenerational Trauma
The Polyvagal Theory: Developmental Trauma’s Impact on the Body
NARM Personality Spectrum Model: Organization of Self
Disidentification & Post-Traumatic Growth
NARM Live and Video Demonstrations, Reflective and Experiential Practice
The Future of Trauma-Informed Care

Body Into Being: Advanced Energetic Somatic Bodywork/Polarity Therapy Training with Ray Castellino & Anna Chitty 
2014-2015 Graduated/completed  
Module 1 Principles - Resonance, Support & the window of tolerance for integration.
Module 2 Movement, resistance; the expression of implicit somatic memory and pre-verbal story expression; dynamic creative opposition.
Module 3 Bonding/Attachment & Relationships.
Embryonic Attachment, supported attachment/post birth nursing, development of attachment styles including supporting the development of secure attachment, accurate somatic reflection.
Module 4 Techniques for supporting mothers, babies in child bearing years, as well as adults in private or small group sessions.
Module 5 Clinical Application, Supervision and Integration

Biodynamic Craniosacral Training  ( 5 day seminar)  2 1/2 Year Training In Berkeley with Body Intelligence (Completed) 700 Hours lecture and practice. 
Module 1 Relation Touch,
Module 2 The Midline, Whole Body Dynamics,
Module 3 Craniopelvic Resonance,
Module 4 Birth Ignition & Original Health,
Module 5  Visceral Intelligence,
Module 6 Facial Complex,
Module 7 The Holistic System,
Module 8 Neuroendocrine Immune Response)
Advanced Module  Working with Babies, Mothers 
- Body Intelligence - 2013-2015 Completed

Biodynamic Craniosacral 3 Day long Training
- Alchemy of the Heart - 2012

Biodynamic CranioTouch Training  3 day long workshop - Georgia Milne - 2011

Somatic Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology/Art Therapy 
- Prescott College - 2011-2013

Interdisciplinary Studies in
Somatic Psychology, Birth Trauma, Art Therapy

Minor in Early Childhood Education
- Naropa University, Boulder, Colorado - 2009-2011

Advanced Doula Training
- Birth Emissary - 2012

Birth Doula Training
- ToLabor - 2010

Postpartum Doula Training
- Cappa - 2009

Pregnancy and Postpartum Massage Therapy 60+hr Course

- Cortiva Institute - 2007
 884 hr Massage Therapy Certification 1 1/2 Year long full time program 
- Cortiva Institute -2007

Higher Alignment- Inner Seeing Coaching Program

Advanced Integrated Energy Therapy
- IET foundation - 2005

Reiki Level 1 & 2
- Karen Thorson, Boulder Co - 2006

Liability Insurance 
Hands on Trade- Active

Training & Certification

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