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Inspired by the teachings of Ray Castellino

1-Tucked Box

Guide Booklet

90- Healing Cards

what's included:

A powerful oracle deck to support healing, accurate reflection and therapeutic tools. Deepen into the Pre & Perinatal Therapy skills and practices to support you both personally and professionally. 

Birth and early Imprint healing oracle

Created to support Somatic Trauma Healing + Deepen into the teachings of Dr. Raymond Castellino RCST

 The Birth & Early Imprint Healing Oracle is here! 

Want to learn more about the  Pre & Perinatal Brith Therapy Work?  

Are you passionate about Somatic Therapies &
Trauma Healing?

You're a graduate of The Foundation Training or enrolled in the Foundation Training or other school that is dedicated to this work

You've attended a Womb Surround Process Workshop

You're a practitioner, healer, therapist, coach, intuitive.  

You're familiar with Ray Castellino's Teachings 

You love Somatic Heaing & are very interested in Birth
Trauma Healing

For you if..

Take a moment...Breathe.. What support do I need
right now? Pick a card.

25 Skill/Practice Cards

5 Sequencing Cards

8 Principle Cards

20 Imprint Cards

32 Blueprint Cards

The Birth & Early Imprint Oracle has 5 groups of cards
and includes:

A deeper look into the Deck

Father Sky
Mother Earth

I created the Birth & Early Imprint Healing Oracle deck because of my love for Ray Castellino's work and my love for Oracle decks! The process of creating this deck took over 2 1/2 + years. My intention was that it could serve as a learning tool for anyone studying this work + a layer of support for your personal healing journey. 

Hey I'm Christina

Eddie R., BCST, graduate of Castellino Birth & Perinatal Therapy Training. 

"I want to let you know how much I love your Oracle deck!!!! It is such a great tool to use daily, and with others from our training. In fact, I think the cards are quite brilliant. I hope you can feel some tone receiving these words. I am so impressed by what you accomplished: your vision, your artistry, your 'stick-to it' to follow through and produce it… thank you!!"


Cass P- Hawaii

Christina I Just picked up the decks from USPS and found myself sitting in the parking lot opening them - reading and absorbing then - card by card - VERY potent and very beautiful - the transmissions are solid and potent - I feel an internal warmth filling me out in a soft field of perfect love... I’m messaging you in the parking lot! Way to go!!!! You did it Momma!!! I’m so proud of you!!!  I’ll be working with them - and recommending them and giving them as gifts for years to come.


"I love these cards so much! They are scattered all over my altar right now 🥰 They are gentle yet powerful reminders when I am needing extra support and guidance & the color of them makes my heart smile"

EriCa S -  BOUlDer CO 

"Wow do I cherish this deck… The intermixing of Blueprint cards, Practitioner Skills cards, Principle cards, Sequencing cards, and Imprint cards is GENIUS! This oracle provides me with a clear compass for gaining insight into where I’m at, where I may be stuck, and skills to reorient to my blueprint. Every time I have pulled from this deck, I am blown away by the accuracy of the reading. I especially love having the imprint cards in there, because for me it can be really settling to have the pattern named out loud. Thank you, Christina, for creating such a unique deck to use in my personal life, and with clients! 


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