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I look forward to supporting you on this Journey of LIfe

 a reclaiming of your birthright, an orientation towards the wholeness that is here, and has always been...inside you. 

Healing is a returning home,

Journey back to you

Bonus Gift: The Birth and Early Imprint Oracle Deck +
access to the Birth & Early Imprint Healing Oracle Series

Somatic Integration Workbook download

Session are online or in person (SF Bay Area) 

Six 1:1  90 minute Somatic Integration sessions

You get:

A unique process of somatic support that allows for integration of early implicit imprints around birth, loss, attachment wounds.  Deep healing for your nervous system. 

six session Foundational deep Dive


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Womb Surround 

Private & Group Offerings coming soon 

"For me, one of the most important parts of healing is to be seen and witnessed with depth and clarity. And Christina’s skill at doing this is truly unmatched, with the results being integrated healing and deeper connection to myself and life. She is also playful and curious! Which just makes everything better. I truly can’t recommend her enough!"



It's hard to explain until you’ve experienced it for yourself. 

 So if you have questions, I’d like to invite you to schedule a free 30-minute call with me.

This is deep stuff.


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