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 for Birth & Early Imprint Healing

A Somatic Integration Process

The work you need to heal the patterns you still can’t shake.

This is deeper work

You understand deep healing, and what it takes to get there.

You’ve worked with shadow before

And those wounds are keeping you stuck in patterns you haven’t been able to shake.

But, you also know that there are even deeper wounds that are just outside your reach.  

You are so self-aware, your empathy and understanding are powerful. And people love you for it

Maybe you’ve done therapy, energy healing, parts work, or shadow work before. And you’ve made progress

You’ve put so much work into healing wounds and traumas 

That’s what we do in a Somatic Integration Process

To go deeper, we need to slowwwww way down.

Now it’s time for even deeper work. (But it's not what you think it is.)
It's not about trying so hard to heal and fix yourself, it’s deeper still.

You’ve done deep work

is a one-to-one, intimate coaching experience designed to help you discover and unravel your earliest trauma imprints.

The Somatic Integration Process 

And those unshakable patterns? They will be shook.

You’ll be able to feel the shift at the end of each session.

In our work together, we will be accessing your pre-verbal experiences, what you felt while still in the womb and as a very young child. Our explorations will be guided by your adult intention, as your body’s wisdom unfolds the origin stories of your current struggles.

Together we process, integrate and heal the wounds and revelations you find in our sessions, using Somatic Trauma healing methods & long-distance cranial-sacral energy work. 

They can create your strengths and your limitations. To fully become our whole, healed selves, we have to first become aware of our origin stories and then be able to release the pain that causes us to struggle and self-sabotage.

These trauma imprints take and store so much energy to keep going. But when you release them, that life force comes back and can be used to fuel your big, creative, transformative work in the world.

Your earliest imprints form so much of who you are and how you show up in the world. 

Elena - Asheville NC

“Christina is a phenomenally gifted and clear healer. I knew her before she began her own healing journey so deeply that brought her to her current work, and I have seen her again and again, walk her walk. This alone makes her worth seeking out. There is something about taking the journey, that has it's own healing resonance, that is recognizable to others who are on the journey.

 I was blown away by the last session we did together. I had no idea what would emerge that evening, that would open up the story that might be at the very heart of my healing.

And all the while, she was holding it with so much love. The parts that are unseen, that have been unloved recognize that. They know safe and loving arms, and then they come home. To be healed to be integrated.

 I am on the road. I am not there, but I absolutely trust Christina as a guide. And all that on the phone. Of course, in the realm of energy work, perhaps this is even more powerful.”


If you’re familiar with parts work, family constellations, or working with your inner child, then you’ll have a strong foundation (but if this is new, you’ll be in for some mind-blowing ‘aha’ moments).

What we find in Somatic work is that some shadow parts of ourselves originate much earlier than childhood. The pains, traumas, burdens and beliefs we carry may start with experiences we have while still in the womb, or they may originate with what our mothers, grandmothers or ancestors experienced.

How The Somatic Integration Process

Much of our work together is to find compassion for the hurts experienced by your inner little one, and the inner little ones of your parents. We access their stories through the wisdom you hold in your body (your body, your DNA, your spirit holds so much information) and give those stories a voice to be told.

It’s in the telling of these stories that powerful shifts happen, the kinds of shifts that can uproot lifelong patterns and free you from burdens that are not yours to carry. It’s in this differentiation that something happens, something powerful and transformative. 

We all carry ancestral loads. And we can set them down.

This is for you if you’ve been trying to understand the root causes of the patterns you get stuck in, and how to move through them.

I know it’s hard for you to ask for support. It’s hard for me too. But I’ve also seen so much healing that comes just from the act of making the request. Asking for help can, in itself, be healing. You don’t have to hold it all alone. 

Many of my clients are learning to reach out for and receive support from others — it’s like a trust exercise, and we’ve been dropped a lot. Either we received no help when we asked for it, or were made to feel ashamed that we needed it, teaching us to just stop asking.

Adopting extreme self-reliance was a reasonable reaction to an unreasonable situation when we were children, but it doesn’t serve us well as adults. It creates distance between us and friends or partners. It makes us feel isolated.

The very act of asking for help is healing too

I’ve been on this long, winding healing road since I was in my early twenties. In fact, I was trying so hard to heal and fix myself that I ended up feeling worse. I was working so hard, and feeling so ashamed that I still wasn’t getting to the heart of my patterns.

But when I found Prenatal & Birth Therapy work of Ray Castellino, I was finally able to make sense of my early history. To get there, I had to go deeper into my body to access the wisdom and intelligence inside.

Hi, I'm Christina

Being naturally spiritually-oriented, I was always trying to leave my body to connect with the mystery of life. What I found on the journey of integrating my trauma is that the mystery of life I was trying to find is much easier to access when I’m in my body, not out of it!

If there's one thing I can tell you from the other side of this healing process, it’s that healing trauma isn’t a linear path. It requires more than understanding what happened with our minds. The pain is in our bodies, and the only way to heal it is to access it through the body. Our bodies are connected to the Intelligence that created us and we hold so much wisdom in blood, flesh and bone.

This healing work is primal. It’s ancestral. It’s intuitive. And it goes so much deeper than any other modality I’ve witnessed.

This was the opposite approach of everything else I’d tried.

And, while everyone’s healing journey is different, some longer, some shorter, some more winding and some more direct, with time and work you can free yourself of the patterns you haven’t been able to shake yet.

Live more authentic to who you really are

Make more supportive choices based on the intentions you establish

Recognize when you're in your wise adult self or your little one is controlling your thoughts, actions and reactions

Support your body and your nervous system so you can feel more resourced, more connected to yourself and have the skills and tools for those moments of challenge

Every session is unique, guided by intuition and led by your intention, but here are the most frequent outcomes

Returning To Wholeness

Six  1:1 90 minute Somatic Integration sessions via Zoom

Bonus Gift : Birth & Early  Imprint Healing Oracle Deck.

Bonus Gift: Access to Birth Oracle Healing Series  + Ebooks.

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This is deep stuff.


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